Nyde is all about your home. Offering a curated range of beautifully crafted, premium quality furniture and simple, elegant furnishings to people who value great design and outstanding luxury. And when they are done designing, they don’t stop there. Nyde work extra hard to offer great value and the best levels of service you can find. Anywhere.

Our involvement
Taking the creative lead on this project, we were responsible for all aspects of the Nyde visual design and identity. This included working on the initial branding and tone of voice, communication strategy and visual language, right through the user experience to graphical and interface design across all platforms. We've been busy. And we are quite rightly super proud of our work. And really excited to have been involved at every step of the Nyde journey. 

Design considerations
Brand identity and design
Copywriting and tone of voice
User experience and interaction design
Visual design and typography
Campaign design and longevity